A Little Piece of My World

Saturday, November 13, 2010

headin' up the coast

well with work cutting hours. and my car being down lately. its time to head out of this town for a little R & R. so me and silvia are heading up the coast today into tomorrow to visit our friends maddie and jesse in SLO. needless to say. tonight is gonna be epic. I'm eagerly awaiting also to see the scenery on the way up. its always quite a sight. So after I have my interview today at carmax which I hope I get so I can get my car back out on the track (more money). I'm out of this place. pics to come when I get back. good day.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

been awhile since i've been on here. just got transfered to a closer vons so hopefully i'll be pocketing more moneys so I can get back out to the track. if my car doesn't keep breaking. but for now. with rain. i will keep doing this. just not to this extreme

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

a well deserved update

nothing really too exciting going on right now as I'm trying to find balance in finances and save the race compound IE the home/shop. my family is currently under going some hardships and i'm just praying we pull out of them. as for car life. 50 is still having carb issues. spits and sputters. dies occasionally. i'll have to tear into her one of these days. taco needs a well deserved brake upgrade. new front end LT kit due to my ball joints cracking and brakes. no money to do that. 240 is fine til my clutch desides to go out. but needs new tires all around due to my wheel change (pics below). I also took a trip recently with my passenger seat driver. it was good to get out of the same stuff to recharge my batteries. see some different scenery. it was exactly what I needed.

she made the trip all worth it

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

day offfff

= plan how to get this m45 I've been looking at in my life. decided prolly the best way is too dump the truck on the dealership. take a loss. hopefully get like 13,000 for it. then pick up the m45. and pay off some bills. but at least I'll be happy in the end. best case scenareo. lets just see if this all goes down

also picked up the most thug girl i've ever met from work. picked up some in n out. and ended up at the broooooocean. then went off to the wonderful land of yogurt. loved the weather/atmosphere of today, and the chill vibe of doing nothing but randomness felt so relaxing and perfect.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

fun car life

has been slow lately. been barely scraping by with bills and such, here are the status of both the fun cars

240 is holding together. survived another track day. may need to be either replacing the clutch soon and or throwout bearing. but whenever I release the clutch pedal something is making noise down below, this is intermitently though so we'll wait til it happens everytime.

I also decided to bump up tire sizes to a 225 40. it sits super flush now and I can get a little more grip. I'd have to say I'm happy with the results. the fronts however are rubbing pretty bad against the fender wells whenever I hit large bumps. so I'll have to address that soon.

also new sticker acquired

as for my 50

its been sitting due to my gas tank leaking more. and me and my dad re did the exhaust system in it but it decided to break a hangar. so we'll have to address that soon also

the new exhaust location


first time running balcony. it was ok. everyone who drove my car says my car is retarded. it understeers when it wants, gets stupid bumpsteer when it wants. thats my high maintanence drama queen for you though. chuck did get a handle of her though lol. thanks to j shea for filming. even though he didn't get my best runs.

pit pic

Friday, May 28, 2010

why i love the sport so much

everything, every aspect in this vid is just so rad.

drifting owns me